Brooklyn. From a few years back (?). iPad

I stare into the mirror lately – can’t seem to recognize my face – a sea of wrinkles stares right back, I’ve aged- indeed -and without gentle grace!

Remember us? Remember you, dear darling? The way you kissed me on your bed that day! Even today, so many decades later, the thought of it still carries me away.

And though this memory is sweet – I think you know I like it best – to give the past a fair account I can’t forget about the rest.

You stood there once, convincing me our futures were one and the same, but then I realized quite simply, I had no moves inside your game.

My mother told me I was silly, to fall for everything you said, but with your smile and charm and sweet talk, I was so easily mislead.

It broke my heart to walk away, at first I didn’t think I could. But as experience has shown me, once clarity set in, I would.

I stare into the mirror now, the past imprinted on my face. Although I fell in life sometimes – I know I handled it with grace.


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