New Year’s Eve – Hopes

New Year's Eve Hopes

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday – perhaps because it feels like a fresh start or a clean slate. And, while I understand that the events of the past year don’t suddenly ceases to exist with the drop of the ball, they do seem to loose their grip over my psyche. New Year’s Eve is relief.

These are my hopes for 2015!

All Lives Matter

Whether you are black, white, a cop, not a cop, Muslim, Jewish, Russian, Ukrainian, female, male, old, young, religious, not religious, kind, not kind – this is irrelevant. All Lives Matter. Never assume you are more important that your fellow man.


Treat others the way you want to be treated. In a world that’s getting increasingly smaller due to rising populations and sophisticated communication technology, there is no more “Us vs. Them”. It’s just us now. We’re all in the same boat, and to steer the ship we must work together. The key to doing so, is respect.

All Lives Matter


It’s easy to adapt an “eye for an eye” mentality; it’s much harder not to. This is probably the most difficult thing to actually accomplish. When our pride is hurt, when our families fall apart, when grief strikes us, we are faced with the most difficult choice – to forgive or not to forgive. When it comes down to it, forgiveness is better for your own heart.


Fill your heart with as much as love as possible. You’ll never regret it.

Friends, and I do hope I can call you that, may you be happy and content on this New Year’s Eve, and through all of 2015!

Both Pics: Brooklyn. From a few years back. iPad.

Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya 


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