30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza: Carmel, The Big Sur, and The Big 30

Right before you become a swanky 30-year old, like I did this morning, it’s important to say goodbye to your 20s. I did so by checking out Clint Eastwood‘s former mayorship town of Carmel. I can totally see why the old man hung out by the sea – it’s legitimately gorgeous!

But, there’s really not much to do in a beach town, regardless of how lovely it may be. So after a few pics, wows, and ahhhs, my husband and I were on our way. Driving to the Big Sur is awe-inducing and then some. Photos just don’t do it justice. Check em out below!

After a bit, we stopped off in one of its many parks and took a scenic hike through the woods to a beautiful beach: the coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by majestic cliffs are pure serenity! We also saw a naked surfer and a bunny, so there was that.


On our way back we managed to come across the oldest surviving building and ranch structure on the Big Sur Coast. Pretty cool to stumble upon it by accident since we didn’t know it was there.


And then my husband cooked me a romantic dinner as we watched my last sunset as a 20-something year old. Not a bad way to say good bye to my third decade of life.






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