30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza: 30 Whales

One of the coolest ways to celebrate your 30th birthday adventure extravaganza is to do something you’ve never done before; I, for instance, have never been whale watching. So, close to noon my husband and I drove to the Monterey Bay marina from where our aquatic journey was to start and decided to explore the area. Along the way we met a man named George and these were all his birds.


After staring at the exotic creatures for a few moments, we decided to get some late breakfast. Sitting around, we heard strange noises coming from the water, figuring it was a stupid pigeon arguing with an equally mindless seagull, we sort of ignored the commotion.

These noises, however, did not belong to them. We soon followed the vocal exchange to a bunch of suntanning sea lions merrily lying around on a floating raft, bickering over whose flipper was hitting whose tail, and other silly confrontations of this nature. A very annoyed pelican was also present, but he didn’t really say much.

Sea lions

And then it was time to board. Sailing out of the marina,
we were astounded by how we didn’t notice the hundreds of sea lions gathered on the jetty. There were also sea otters, but we didn’t get a good pic of those. It took about a half hour to spot our fist gray whales, but unfortunately no pics of these came out as there were tons of waves and a lot of rocking back and forth. But I will include a close up of a pelican for your viewing pleasure.

Pelican sea lionThere are few things in life that I enjoy more than a good view of some awesome animal. Whales are amazing – we saw 29 grey ones during this trip alone. I wish you were there, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

30-year old whale just keep swimming

Occasionally, I like to get a little meta, so while my husband I and got a late night birthday dinner, we figured that on my 30th birthday, I have seen a total of 30 whales in my life (1 humpback back in Alaska – but he was really, really far away from the shore).

At least one of them had to be 30-years old, just like me. All I have to say is – just keep swimming.


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