30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza: Yosemite National Park

This installment of my 30th birthday adventure extravaganza is marked by the 3 amazing days we get to spend at Yosemite National Park. Nothing teaches you to appreciate your own mortality, and life in general, like the awesome and merciless force that is Mother Nature. Seriously, a lot of things here can kill you; I read that in the hiking guide.

Leaving the Pacific Cost behind, my husband and I drive for 5.5 hours to the Yosemite Falls Lodge, passing by the most diverse scope of terrain I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in such a short burst of time. Some ares looked like typical movie desert while other areas reminded me of dense Siberian Forest.



Upon entering Yosemite National Park, we met a friendly American ranger hailing all the way from Berlin, Germany. If this is to tell us anything it’s this: she’s either a fan of the beauty we were about to discover for ourselves, or Germany is about to invade Yosemite – you decide.


She informed us that the famed Yosemite tunnel was some 50 minutes away, so we pressed on. Let me tell you, it’s a pretty awesome tunnel, and it’s long – like really, really long. And when you finally emerge, you are met by one of the most mind-boggling views in the world.



The majestic El Capitan rises high above the mountains, and it’s amazing and intimidating and beckoning all at the same time. I, however, am not going to clime that thing, the guys currently doing so are basically taking one for Team Humanity, and I will live vicariously through them until I grow a pair. But I am about to do some hiking in much less treacherous terrain, but more about that tomorrow.




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