30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza: Breaking News, Free Climbers Conquer El Capitan!

NBC was there, CNN was there, and so was Liz Belilovskaya when Kevin Jorgeson (30) and Tommy Caldwell (36) made history by becoming the first free climbers to ascentd the famed Dawn Wall of  El Capitan, the greatest monolith in the world, at Yosemite National Park today at 3:25pm!

Breaking News Free Climbers Conquer El Capitan

It took 19 days, at least 10 bloody fingers, and an abundance of avocado sandwiches to reach the summit of Dawn Wall, but they finally did it and it’s a feat for the history books! Using bumps and razor sharp cracks in the rocks to pull themselves up by their hands, the free climbers ascended the towering 3,000-foot wall, which has so far been impossible – until today.

The families of the two free climbers gathered on top of El Capitan to mark the historic occasion, but the thing I’m thinking about right now is how cool it is that I got to see this on my 30th birthday adventure extravaganza in Yosemite National Park!

Breaking News Free Climbers Conquer El Capitan


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