30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza: Hiking, or Keeping Up With Old People


The second day of my Yosemite 30th birthday adventure extravaganza was spent hiking, or keeping up with old people. One of the first things my husband and I noticed upon arriving to the Yosemite Falls Lodge is the abundance of silver foxes in the area. Of course there are many different people here, both young and old, but the older crowd seems to be in a lot better shape; I say that with shame mind you.


As we embarked on our first hike of the day, which was really a coffee stroll towards the gorgeous Lower Falls, we noticed many couples about our age taking the same course. It was a lovely walk with some points of difficulty, but far and few between.


But later that day, when we embarked on our second hike,
one that actually required some sort of effort, we were surprised that the majority of the people we passed were actually significantly older, and looked like they were having a much easier time that we did – or at least I did.


True, I haven’t been hiking in years, but the embarrassment I felt watching them breeze through the trail is pretty significant. As I panted away resting on a rock, a jolly old man skipped by me and wished me a good day.

Anyway, after some 2000 feet above from where we started, we made it to Clark Point and the view was totally worth the effort. Today, we are going to do some more hiking, or as I have come to call it, keeping up with old people.




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