30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza: Wine, Burgers, and The Historic Whitcomb Hotel

All good things must come to an end, and with that the Yosemite National Park portion of my 30th birthday adventure extravaganza has concluded…but not without one last hoorah, and by that I mean phenomenal Yosemite burgers!

30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza Yosemite National Park

As my husband and I packed up our stuff the night before, we also invested a bit of time to prepare some burger patties, anticipating the greatness that was to become our last meal at the glorious park. In the morning, we embarked on our last mini hike before check out and then got into our car.

30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza Wine and Burgers

Soon we found a cozy spot and made a big fire. So big in-fact, we had to wait a few hours before we could start cooking. A bottle of wine and a pack of sour gummy worms later, we were finally able to make some burgers! They were delicious and I would have fought you had you asked me for a bite.

Epically concluding the nature portion of our trip, we proceeded back to San Francisco. After a 4-hour car ride, we finally got to The Historic Whitcomb Hotel. This place is crazy old school.

30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza The Historic Whitcomb Hotel

The Whitcomb is a hefty 100+ year old establishment featuring an equally old looking check-in guy. I am also pretty sure that this is where they filmed The Shining (1980) as there is no other explanation for the hallway below:

30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza The Shining

True to form, we polished off another bottle of wine in the hotel restaurant as we listed to Louie Armstrong playing over the speakers. And then we went to bed, bellies full of wine and burgers.

30th Birthday Adventure Extravaganza Old


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