Hearing the Call – Upcoming Interview With Deaf Filmmaker, Jade Bryan

Hearing the Call - An Upcoming Interview With Deaf Filmmaker, Jade Bryan

I am very excited about my upcoming interview with Jade Bryan, deaf filmmaker and founder of Jade Films and Entertainment, for The Untitled MagazineStay tuned for updates, it’s coming very soon!

The coolest aspect of what I do is getting to talk to incredible people. To date, I’ve interviewed a whole bunch of them, including rock legend Lou Reed, world-renowned cognitive scientist  Steven Pinker, and Olympic saber fencer Daryl Homer amongst many others. Speaking with them, and thinking about their unique journeys and perspectives allows me expand my own world-view, which I think is a good thing.

But individuals like Richard Turner – the world’s greatest card mechanic who also happens to be blind, or Jade Bryan – a renegade filmmaker with hearing loss, leave me especially inspired. If they can do what they do with disabilities, we should do our very best to achieve our goals, disabilities or not.

Image Copyright: James Ginis (Jade Bryan with Kyra Korchak and Alyssa Cheatham at The Shattered Mind screening)


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