For People Who Deny Global Climate Change is Real

Although we’ve experienced a decade of record-breaking heat waves, incredibly destructive storms, and highly irregular weather patterns, there are still plenty of people who deny global climate change (including global warming) is real. This is sort of baffling to me. The thing I hear most is that scientists are not all in agreement about what’s happening, but I interview scientists pretty often and can tell you from personal experience that I am yet to meet one that doesn’t believe global climate change is actually happening.

According to NASA,”temperature change itself isn’t the most severe effect of changing climate. Changes to precipitation patterns and sea level are likely to have much greater human impact than the higher temperatures alone. For this reason, scientific research on climate change encompasses far more than surface temperature change.”

Below is video that I think does a pretty good job at explaining exactly why the last 10 years should sound off the alarm about global climate change for everyone, but most importantly the skeptics.


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