Is Kim Kardashian Selfish, or Just Plain Narcissistic?

Is Kim Kardashian Selfish, or Just Plain Narcissistic?

I just heard that Kim Kardashian is releasing a book of selfies called Selfish. This does not surprise me – the woman built an empire on being pretty good looking and fairly narcissistic, which I think is really no claim to fame at all. And then there was that whole sex tape thing.

Yes, she owns a series of clothing stores with her family, but when was the last time any one of us stopped by to shop there. It’s also true that at first, Kim did have to construct and manipulate the press to gain the amount of coverage that she currently does, but is it a skill we should be praising in the first place? I know, I know, “she works so hard”, but not as hard as most adults.

A while ago, I wrote this article about Kim for PlanetIll. Unfortunately, I still stand by everything I said – yes, unfortunately, because I want to change my mind about her, but I can’t. Being selfish is something we have all been guilty of at point or another, but her narcissistic qualities are something else entirely.

Written by: Liz Belilovskaya

Copyright: Planet Ill


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