Magic Tricks By Artificial Intelligence

As you may know from reading my blog, I love both magic and the evolution of artificial intelligence. So, when I learned that two artificially intelligent machines designed two magic tricks, I had to see them for myself and, of course, share them with all of you.

The first of these is called Phoney: A Smart Trick For Your Smart Phone, which was created at the Queen Mary University in London. It’s not really a magic trick as much as it is a cunning algorithm.

According to Robert McMillan writing for Wired, “It’s driven by clever computer algorithms that let the researchers guess which card is being picked based on the colors of the other cards around it, coupled with probability analysis. The team taps what are called simulated annealing algorithms, which are used to solve really complicated computer problems.”

The second of these is called The Twelve Magicians of Osiris, and it uses the same principle as the first one.

McMillan goes on to state that, “The deck in the video isn’t really being shuffled. That’s a human trick, called a ‘false shuffle.’ Without any real shuffling, the unique order of cards in the deck is preserved. The dealer also surreptitiously enters data into the phone via a phony passcode screen.”

Even though these magic tricks are designed by artificial intelligence, the human element is crucial for their success. Still, to know that this is possible kind of boggles the mind.


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