Reading Suggestion: Neil Patrick Harris – Choose Your Own Autobiography

Reading Suggestion: Neil Patrick Harris - Choose Your Own Autobiography


Today’s reading suggestion is Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris. I enjoy a good book on a cold snowy day, like the kind we’re having here in NYC. When I need something to make me feel good and warm inside, and hot tea simply doesn’t do it, starting a good book often seems like the next logical choice.

I love magic, and I love Neil Patrick Harris who happens to have been the president of The Magic Castle in LA. World famous magicians such as Richard Turner, Penn and Teller, David Copperfield, and a ton of others have performed there, and that includes NPH himself. And although I sincerely like film and theater (I didn’t see NPH in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but I did catch his successor Michael C. Hall), I was interested in the book because of Harris’s history with magic. It has been a funny and enjoyable read thus far.

Written as if the reader is Neil Patrick Harris reading his own diary, specifically, as if it’s actually being read to him by him for the first time, the book is structured in the same way the Choose Your Own Adventure series (1979-1998) used to be formatted; the reader gets to flip to the sections of the book he or she may find the most interesting out of the choices provided at the end of each chapter, thus choosing their own narratives. But I am reading it straight through…this time.

So, you’ve ever wanted to be Neil Patrick Harris living out Neil Patrick Harris’s life, or you simply love magic enough to read as much as you can about it, I suggest you get your hands on Choose Your Own Autobiography by Neil Patrick Harris.


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