Oscars, Fashion, Elie Saab

Oscars, Fashion, Elie Saab

As you know, because you have to be living under a rock not to, last night were the Oscars hosted by none other than Neil Patrick Harris, and it’s a big, BIG night for fashion. Although fashion is not exactly my forte, I must admit that I have come to really enjoy the work of Elie Saab, the Lebanese designer born in Beirut.

It’s not the first time I find myself drawn to the creations of a designer from that region; I also seem to really admire the work of Zuhair Murad, having previously written an article comparing his designs to Dany Tabet’s for the Huffington Post. Still, there is something about the fashion coming from designers born in Lebanon that I am always intrigued by. 

Elie Saab‘s designs were all over the red carpet at the Oscars last night. Emma Stone and Jennifer Lopez both looked stunning in the elegant gowns created by the gifted designer; not only did the women look absolutely amazing, they were sexy without being overly showy about it, which is nice. Fashion at the Oscars can usually go either way, but choosing a design by Elie Saab will ultimately prove to be a good decision.

Image Copyright: Emma Stone, Oscars, 2015 Academy Awards – AP IMAGES/INVISION


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