Love and Dr. Seuss

Today, I get to celebrate three years of marriage with the love of my life. My husband is one of the most wonderful, kind, and giving people I have had the pleasure of knowing. And although we’ve only been married for a little while, our relationship has spanned for over a decade – making it one of the longest and most unpredictable adventures either one of us has ever taken.

Love and Dr. Seuss

Realizing that he was the one for me early on, I gave him Dr. Seuss‘s masterpiece, Oh, the Places You’ll Go on his 24th birthday – the first one we got to spend together. Now, many years later, it’s a testament to the effort we have put into actually going the distance. To make it this far and still think the world of one another was a conscious effort, that has and continues to pay off big. It’s an effort that I will gladly continue to put in simply to be in his company.

So, here’s to love and Dr. Seuss!



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