A Change Is Gonna Come!

A Change Is Gonna Come!

On March 23rd, a change is gonna come! It’s hard to believe how quickly time flies; I haven’t yet updated my CV to include my job at SimplyMint, and I just got a new one! Super excited to be starting at Talkspace, a company that provides “therapy for how we live today“.

As you may have noticed, I try to work for companies or organizations that help people live better, or educate them so as to expand their world views. I think that’s one of many ways to leave a positive imprint in the world and earn a paycheck at the same time, therefore, Talkspace is a good platform for me to do exactly that.

Today, The Guardian released a video about women, mental illness, and menstruation – it just went viral on YouTube. I think it’s very interesting because women are the ones that are constantly targeted by pharmacology groups, since there is much stigma regarding moodiness and depression that naturally occurs with menstruation.

What is actually a healthy reaction to a biological process has recently become viewed as an illness that can be cured with meds, raising a very important question –  do people understand what mental illness really is? If not, they soon will; hopefully this, and many other issues related to wellness and mental health will be examined by me at Talkspace. A change is gonna come, and I hope you’re with me when it does.



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