The Curly Legged Giraffe (WIP)

The Curly Legged Giraffe (WIP)
The Curly Legged Giraffe (WIP)

New York. Summer 2016. Mixed media. 

Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Belilovskaya Campese)


What?! No way! I’m the Featured Artist? 

When I first learned that Raine Magazine, the wonderful publication that it is, was going to spotlight my artwork, I was like, “What?! No way! I’m the featured artist?” 

What?! No way! I'm the Featured Artist?
Thank you Raine Magazine for the amazing spotlight. I am extremely honored and super happy to be chosen. 

Artwork by Liz Publika 

Copyright: Raine Magazine 

Naked Ladies For Sale (no, it’s not what you think)

Naked ladies for sale until April 30th. 
Each nude is only $800. Both for $1,400! Watercolor on canvas 16×20. #art #fineartnaked ladies
Get in touch at 

Signed and ready to frame. 

Bavaria meets Dr. Seuss

Bavaria meets Dr. Seuss. Also, there are a lot of trees in this forest.  Bavaria Meets Dr. Seus

Bavaria Meets Dr. Seuss

New York. Spring, 2016. Mixed media on canvas. 

Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Campese) 

Smile For Me

Smile For Me is a closeup of a larger image. In other words, a teaser. 

Smile For MeSmile For Me
New York, 2016. Ink of paper. 9×12

Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Campese)


Life Aquatic, kind of. 

So, this is my latest large scale piece – the un finished version of Life Aquatic. The reason it’s not on the site is simple; it’s freaking hard to get a high resolution photo of the goddamn thing. Oh well. If at first you don’t succeed, try to hide your astonishment. 

Life Aquatic

Life Aquatic 

New York. Spring 2016. Acrylic and watercolor on canvas. 42×54. 

Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Campese). 

New Stuff 

So, there’s some new stuff on Come visit me there…

new stuff-red shade  to see the finished version of this, for instance. 

Red Shade

New York. Winter 2016. Mixed media on canvas. 18×23

Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Campese). 

Thinking of Grandpa 

It’s been about two years since my grandfather passed away. He was an amazing grandpa – one of the best there ever was – and I miss him quite a lot. So, I finally attempted to draw him for the first time. Though it’s not the perfect portrait, I definitely see him in there, and I’m glad that I am able to create something symbolic of him that came from the heart. I’m thinking of you, grandpa

Thinking of Grandpa

Thinking of Grandpa 

New York. Winter 2016. Watercolor on canvas. 16×20. 

Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Belilovskaya Campese) 

A long time ago 

A long time ago, a picture of my husband and I was taken at Brooklyn College. We have it framed in our room to this very day. Yesterday, however, I decided to sketch him from the picture – the way he looked some decade ago. This is the result.

A long time agoA long time ago. 

New York. Winter 2016. Mixed media. 

Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Belilovskaya Campese)




Preview of Pollen

Winter 2016.  New York. Mixed media on canvas. 16×20. 
Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Belilovskaya Campese)