I’m Decently Exposed and You’re Invited. 

I'm Decently Exposed and You're Invited
I'm Decently Exposed and You're Invited.
I’m Decently Exposed and You’re Invited. 


What?! No way! I’m the Featured Artist? 

When I first learned that Raine Magazine, the wonderful publication that it is, was going to spotlight my artwork, I was like, “What?! No way! I’m the featured artist?” 

What?! No way! I'm the Featured Artist?
Thank you Raine Magazine for the amazing spotlight. I am extremely honored and super happy to be chosen. 

Artwork by Liz Publika 

Copyright: Raine Magazine 

Happy Veterans Day, and Thank You For Your Service! 

In honor of Veterans Day! Read the full piece here

Happy Veterans Day, and Thank You For Your Service!  
Thank you for your service! 

Written by: Liz Campese
Copyright: Rewire Me

Writing about World Food Day for Rewire Me

It’s a strange thing to write about World Food Day, since it seems like most of the world tries to eat on a daily basis, though not everyone succeeds. But I honestly never wondered about the fact that we can, technically, feed everyone. Here’s what I mean:

Writing about World Food Day for Rewire Me

“In honor of World Food Day on October 16, Rewire Me is spotlighting the work of amazing nonprofit organizations that are currently leading the fight against poverty and food waste in the United States. It’s an interesting and alarming fact that 15% of the population living in one of the most advanced nations on the planet—ours—still struggles with food insecurity. And yet, impressively, this same nation throws away around 30% of its available food supply, annually. Considering that 1 in 7 struggle with hunger in the US, the paradox is truly staggering.” To continue reading, click here.

Written by: Liz Belilovskaya Campese 

Copyright: Rewire Me

Happy Throwback Thursday: Bahamas

Happy Throwback Thursday! 

Throw Back Thursday Bahamas

Take me back to the Bahamas! Spending one week frolicking on the glorious islands of Great Exuma is absolutely necessary for anyone in need of a little beauty in their life. It’s simply essential. Here’s a short post I wrote for Raine Magazine about that amazing place.

Anxious on RewireMe.com 

Ever felt a bit anxious?

Sure you have. We all have! So, when I came across Joseph Ledoux’s latest book, titled accordingly, I wanted to review it for the general public on RewireMe.com. This is that review!


Anxious on RewireMe.com

Written by: Liz Belilovskaya Campese 

Copyright: RewireMe.com


Let’s Talk About the Science of Romantic Love! Interview With Dr. Lucy Brown for Brain World Magazine. 

Love, it’s a big deal – you know? It’s something we all crave, work for and hopefully get to experience, but it’s a strange and complicated emotion that has been very difficult to study scientifically. That is, until now.

Dr. Lucy Brown is one of the top researchers exploring the neurological basis of romantic love, and her findings are incredibly interesting. I got to interview this awesome lady for Brain World Magazine, and would love for you to read it.

To purchase the magazine, please click here. For a preview, check out this link.

Let's Talk About the Science of Romantic Love! Interview With Dr. Lucy Brown for Brain World Magazine. 
Written by: Liz Belilovskaya

Copyright: Brain World Magazine 

Tech Mavens in the Untitled Magazine 

 Tech Mavens in The Untitled Magazine  
When my editor at the Untitled Magazine first told me that “Tech Mavens” would be out in print sometime around July, I was really excited. Then it was pushed back all the way to September, which nearly killed me with anticipation. But it’s finally out!!! Check it out at your nearest Barnes and Noble.

 Tech Mavens in The Untitled Magazine

Written By: Liz Belilovskaya 

Copyright: Untitled Magazine  

A bit about Ronda Rousey’s accomplishments, and the journey that led to them. 

I first heard about Rousey during the Olympics in 2008, but foolishly didn’t pick up following her career until I saw her in The Expendables; you may already know about my love of Stallone. And so, I started to keep better track. 

Of course by now you’re aware of the fact that Ronda Rousey, Judo Olympian and Still Undefeated UFC Champion, beat Brazilian challenger Bethe Correia in just 34 seconds this past Saturday; I’m aware because I spent $60 to watch her do so in real time. 

But what I found out about her philanthropy work with mental health organizations made me think of her as a champion of a different kind. And then I learned a little bit about her backstory and became even more impressed. 
Check out my article about her here


Indeed, It Takes Two To Therapy

I just had my first post about couples therapy, It Takes Two To Therapy, published on RewireMe.com. Exciting stuff. 

“…when two people share their home, experiences and lives together, there can be more than enough room for miscommunication, misinterpretation, and misunderstandings. And couple therapy is where all of these mis-somethings can get resolved.”

Read more here right now! 

 Indeed, It Takes Two To Therapy