Print Publications

Untitled Magazine, Fall 2015

  • “Tech Mavens”

Brain World Magazine, Fall 2015

  • “Explaining the Science of Romantic Love: A Conversation with Dr. Lucy Brown”

Brain World Magazine, Winter 2015

  • “7 Steps to Better Relationships”

Brain World Magazine, Fall 2014

  • “In Search of Morality: An Interview with Joshua Greene”
  • Book Review of Untangling the Mind by Theodore George, M.D.

Brain World MagazineSummer 2014

  • “What It Takes: Curing Autism Spectrum Disorder”
  • “It Takes Guts: An Interview with Dr. Michael D. Gershon”
  • “Simple Critters & Big Mysteries: An Interview with Dr. Thomas J. Carew”
  • “Meet Valisia LeKae: Award Winning Actor and Singer and Fierce Cancer Warrior”
  • “The Video-Gaming World According to Ryuta Kawashima”

Brain World MagazineSpring 2014

  • “The New Age of Enlightenment: An Interview With Steven Pinker”
  • “Web Advocate and Filmmaker Extraordinaire: Meet Tiffany Shlain”
  • “Searching for the Cause and Cure of MS”
  • Book review of Me, Myself, and Why by Jennifer Outellette

Brain World Magazine, Winter 2014

  • “The Neuroscience of Lying”
  • “How Secrets Make Us Sick”
  • “Hemispheric Specialization, Cognitive Control, and Other Fun Inquiries: Q&A with Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg”
  • Book review of The Joy of Pain by Richard H. Smith

Brain World Magazine, Fall 2013

  • “Your Mind Illuminated: Lumosity and the Human Cognition Project”
  • “User Manual For Your Brain and Operating System”
  • “The Future of AI: Let’s Hope for Doors With Happy Dispositions!”
  • “The Wonder Kid: An Interview with Danica McKellar”
  • Book review of Fooling Houdini by Alex Stone

Brain World Magazine, Summer 2013

  • Book review of Hallucinations by Oliver Sacks
  • Movie review of Connected by Tiffany Shlain
  • App review of Mood Watch by Kimberly Knox

Raine Magazine, Summer 2013

  • “Daniela Brooker: Beautiful, Driven, and Rising”
  • “How to Dance With the Stars: Meet Gleb Savchenko”
  • “Building a Multimillion Dollar Business, Meet ZinePak Founders: Brittany Hodak and  Kim Kaupe”

Brain World Magazine, Spring 2013

  • “Q&A with Massimiliano Cristofanilli, PhD, assistant research scientist, MSRCNY”
  • Book reviews of Paleofantasy by Marlene Zuk
  • Book review of The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson

Raine Magazine, Spring 2013

  • “The Business of Music: Early Morning Rebel”

Online Highlights

Huffington Post, March 2013

New York Times, July 2012

I Had Cancer

  • “Liz’s Story”

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