What?! No way! I’m the Featured Artist? 

When I first learned that Raine Magazine, the wonderful publication that it is, was going to spotlight my artwork, I was like, “What?! No way! I’m the featured artist?” 

What?! No way! I'm the Featured Artist?
Thank you Raine Magazine for the amazing spotlight. I am extremely honored and super happy to be chosen. 

Artwork by Liz Publika 

Copyright: Raine Magazine 


Naked Ladies For Sale (no, it’s not what you think)

Naked ladies for sale until April 30th. 
Each nude is only $800. Both for $1,400! Watercolor on canvas 16×20. #art #fineartnaked ladies
Get in touch at lizpublika@gmail.com. 

Signed and ready to frame. 

Tribute to Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut

Tribute to Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut, my favorite book by my favorite author. img_4206

New York. Fall 2015. Watercolor on Canvas 16×20.

Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Belilovskaya Campese)

Farm Life 

Farm Life 

New York. Fall 2015. Pen and Watercolor

Copyright: Liz Publika (Liz Belilovskaya Campese)

Quacking Around 

Quacking Around  
Quacking Around 

New York. Fall 2015. Paint Marker.

Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya Campese (Liz Publika) 

Silver and Gold: The Spirit of Nature (or something). 

Yesterday, I bought paint for the first time in 15 years – silver and gold watercolors to be exact. As a matter of fact, all of the other paints I’ve used to date are vintage Russian from the 90s. It’s amazing that they work and blend just fine with the brand new colors. Here’s me fooling around and testing the waters.

The Spirit of Nature (or something) 

The Spirit of Nature (or something)

New York. Fall 2015. Watercolor. 

Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya Campese 

Man and Color 


Man and Color 

New York. Fall 2015. Pen and Watercolor.

Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya Campese

Basic Black and White Sketches 

A few basic black and white sketches, because when you haven’t drawn in a long time, it’s good to start at the beginning.

(cats, landscapes, people, and spiderwebs – click below to see more!)

Basic Black and White Sketches

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The Great Depression of Frida Kahlo

I first learned about Frida Kahlo when my junior high school art teacher assigned her to me for a report. True, I learned to see surrealism and minimalism in a completely new light. But it was her personal story that resonated with me the most. 

Frida Kahlo had one of the most interesting yet horribly sad lives I’ve ever learned about. Yet she remained a strong and independent soul that battled through every obstacle that stood on her way – and there were lots. 

In honor of her passing on July 13th, 1954, I wanted to give you a glimpse of her amazing story

 The Great Depression of Frida Kahlo 


“Where Brooklyn At?”

Ah, Modern Art! – “Where Brooklyn At?” 

Copyright: Some artist in Brooklyn (probably), pic taken at Park Slope Nutella shop.

Photo by: Liz Belilovskaya