Happy Saturday! 

Happy Saturday
Happy Saturday

New York. Spring 2016. Photo. 

Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya Campese 


Painting in Style

Turns out that for me, painting in style has become synonymous with painting in Dr. Seuss pajamas. So it goes.  

painting in style

New York. Winter 2016. Acrylic on Canvas. 

Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya Campese 

Baby it’s cold outside 

Baby it's cold outside   
Baby it's cold outside  

Baby it’s cold outside 
New York. Winter 2016. Photo. 

Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya Campese 

“Where Brooklyn At?”

Ah, Modern Art! – “Where Brooklyn At?” 

Copyright: Some artist in Brooklyn (probably), pic taken at Park Slope Nutella shop.

Photo by: Liz Belilovskaya

Take Me On A Road Trip

Take me on a road trip

Take me on a road trip

Take me far away

Take me to a new place

Where I’ll be free to stay  Continue reading →

Happy Friday You Guys!

As this is my first full week back at work since Christmas (if you time your vacations as carefully as I did, you too can enjoy a month of half work weeks), I am so happy it’s Friday and hope you guys are too!

Here’s a pic of me looking thrilled.

Happy Friday You Guys

Tomorrow, I’ll be throwing my last 30th birthday HOORAH, which will also mark exactly one month of birthday festivities. Coincidentally, my much younger brother will also be celebrating a milestone birthday, turning a whopping 13 years of age, and entering a time in life I totally don’t miss at all.

So, here’s to 13 going on 30, and happy Friday you guys!


Image Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya. Taken in Hawaii 2.5 years ago. Photo


Through The Rabbit Hole

A different take on through the rabbit hole. It’s not Alice in Wonderland, but pretty good.

Through The Rabbit Hole
Yosemite. Two weeks ago. Photo.
Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya

San Francisco Street Art

San Francisco Street Art

Street art. San Francisco. Photo.
Street Art Copyright: Unknown


This is one of my most favorite pictures of my grandma. I believe it captures her completely; both the sadness and the beauty contained within this old soul.


Brooklyn. Two years back. Photo.

Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya